MRAME project

The National Agency inquired about information on the MRAME project.

MRAME – Mixed Reality Supporting Advanced Medical Education, Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA203-08077)

 Application of mixed reality technology in advanced medical education – a new method of teaching clinical skills


 The primary objective is to enable universities and research centers to develop and strengthen collaboration, increase their capacity to operate at a transnational level, share ideas, practices, and methods, and confront them in the innovative area of applying mixed reality (MR) technology for educational purposes. Simulating medical procedures using the MR system offers the opportunity to train medical students, emergency medical responders, and doctors in a safe (risk-free), realistic, and repeatable environment. Better training of medical staff reduces the risk of errors and offers more repeatable procedures. Strategic partnership formats for the use of MR technology will be implemented within university collaboration partnerships. The project will leverage student and staff mobility opportunities to help participating medical schools develop as organizations and enhance their ability to work on international projects. Due to the pandemic situation, blended mobility will be implemented: physical exchange with remote collaboration, including the use of virtual reality technologies.


 Supporting opportunities for all medical students (who cannot participate in onsite exercises for health reasons, for example, due to social isolation during the pandemic) in acquiring and developing key competencies, including clinical skills, such as: interview, objective examination, clinical studies, application of diagnostic reasoning, learning procedures, teamwork, and professionalism.

 Supporting educators, physicians working with students, educational leaders, and medical staff in the use of advanced teaching methods and e-learning using MR (VR and AR).


  •  Teaching human anatomy
  • Assessment of clinical skills
  •  Teaching surgical procedures from a first-person perspective
  •  Simulation of the operating room
  •  Psychological aspects of using mixed reality

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